Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saskatoon-University of Saskachewan

After a weekend trip to Saskatoon, Saskachewan where I near froze to death I am preparing for a trip to Philadelphia.
Saskachewan reminded me of South Africa in so many ways. A South African doctor noted that the infamous 'homelands' of apartheid creation were just our version of the reservations that aboriginal Americans have been forced to call home.
I met with a group of elders from five of the six First Nations in the province. I was moved to tears, both by the privilege of being in that group and by the poignancy of the stories they shared.
They spoke of their recognition that Native children were suffering the effects of spiritual ill health.
I was with the amazing group Nurses for Kids from the University of Saskachewan. They are community nurses. They take their services out of the hospitals and clinics and provide services in schools and community centers.

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