Friday, June 19, 2009

Trinitie Sunday.

Lord, who hast form’d me out of mud,
And hast redeem’d me through thy bloud,
And sanctifi’d me to do good;
Purge all my sinnes done heretofore:
For I confesse my heavie score,
And I will strive to sinne no more.
Enrich my heart, mouth, hands in me,
With faith, with hope, with charitie;
That I may runne, rise, rest with thee.

The poem is from a collection entitled The Temple (1633) by Welsh poet & priest, George Herbert (1593-1633).

Running and rising are so much the order of my days. The catalogue of my daily activities wearies me. "Oh you're working so hard, your doing so much!" I say in my head rewarding myself with a psychic pat on the back. Rising and running, running and rising, are what this culture teaches us to do. Rest is not a gift of the American lifestyle. But rest is a holy endeavor. The Genesis poem that is the first creation story closes with these words "God sanctified a day of rest and made it holy"
For the next several days I will be enjoying a time of rest.I will hide behind the beautiful walls that surround the Richmond Hill Community and I will take some time to be and to be with God.
I pray that in this season you too will find time to step away from the pace of your ordinary day and step into Holy Time.
My blog will return on June 30th.

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