Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loaves and Fishes

In my Bible Study this week we were reflecting on the feeding of the five thousand men as described in John’s Gospel. This is the feeding story in which a boy comes to the disciple Andrew and offers his lunch: “I’ve got this.” Andrew, presents the offering to Jesus who blesses, breaks, and shares the gift with the gathered crowd. Five thousand men were fed (not counting women and children) and twelve baskets of left-overs were gathered up.

We are in a period of economic anxiety. There is so much need and we often feel we have barely enough for ourselves and our families, let alone enough to share. Imagine how it would be to be the child who told the disciple “I have this...” No, it, alone, is not enough. But whatever we offer to God gets blessed, and broken, and shared and somehow the little we have becomes more than enough.

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