Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sometimes it is movement that stills me. Sitting in contemplation can be a form of warfare for me. My mind is not a monkey, it is a battalion determined to destroy my composure. My preferred form of meditation is running. I do not have an ipod. I let the music of the breeze and the distant traffic noise accompany my steps. In my mind I repeat a prayer that came folded inside the Anglican rosary that one of my spiritual directors gave me:
Be the eye of God dwelling in me
the foot of Christ in guidance with me
the shower of the Spirit pouring on me, richly and generously.
I bow before God who made me
I bow before Christ who saved me
I bow before the Spirit who guides me
in love and adoration
I praise the Name of the One on high
I bow and adore the Sacred Three, the Ever one, the Trinity.
Thoughts and concerns drift into my mind and wash out again carried off by the sweat and the breath. In that hour Jesus gently untangles the snarled nest of my worries; running I rest.

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