Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maybe the world has tilted on its axis, I don’t know.
The Episcopal church has voted to ordain gay clergy and Bishops. Perhaps we were only telling the truth of what has already happened. Maybe all we have said is that gay people need no longer lie about their sexuality in order to serve as they have heard themselves called. I have not yet experienced truth as a bad thing.

I am not in Anaheim. I was not present for the discussion or debate, I do not not know what form it took. Somewhere in me is an ache. I am sad that we make decisions in terms of winners and losers. I am sad that we are talking about marketing our faith and whether the consequence of this decision will be growth or decline for the denomination. I pray that each voting delegate had the courage to vote their conscience, to vote Christ as they have heard Christ speak to them.

For those who disagree with this decision I pose the question: Is the role of human sexuality the whole story of your faith? As you discern your denominational home is this the one thing that establishes or corrodes the foundation of this habitation?
For those who believe that the decision was right: Can you believe that there are those who faithfully differ with your understanding? What does it mean to be Christian when your views are on the winning side and those whose views differ may question a fundamental attribute of your being?
Where is Christ in all of this?

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